working from homeIntroduction

We believe there’s no reason just because you’re working from home that you shouldn’t get great service and support for all your computing needs. You deserve the very best level of IT support and we can provide it.

Living and Working in Rural Somerset

We have many clients that work from home after moving to this picturesque area. They have found it the perfect place to setup their own business and give them the work life balance they desire. We have also seen a rise in the number of people working remotely for their existing employers, especially since COVID and lockdowns. Maybe you simply want the freedom to have a healthier work life balance. Or to combine raising a family away from the city and running your life the way you want. We understand that more and more people want the freedom to work like this. That is why we have renewed our focus on helping everyone get the same level of service and support they would get from a large employer.

IT support in the home

We want you to feel confident working from home, knowing help is just around the corner. Sometimes it is a helping hand when things go wrong, sometimes it is just a friendly voice on the phone to reassure or assist in setting up the little things like a printer or a Zoom call. Whatever your needs, big or small, we are here to help. Get in touch and our friendly and informative staff will help.

Professional Services

Many people when they start working at home miss the level of IT help and support they once got in the office. We specialise in offering this same level of professional IT support. We can do this because of our many years of industry experience in various sectors. So whether it’s a little training or help when things go wrong, we’re here to help. Maybe you want advice on the best or most cost-effective IT solutions. We can help you setup and train you with all the products you might want: Teams, Zoom, Microsoft 365, Google Docs, Website design and maintenance, and everything else. We can also offer project management, risk analysis and cost benefit analysis to help with all your project planning and business expansion requirements.

Need help now?

If it’s more immediate help you require, or just knowing there’s someone on the end of a phone or Zoom call we are here to help. We also have simple to use Remote Support options. Get in touch – our contact details are at the top or bottom of this page.