Computer security.

Computer security is our top priority. In this day and age, with so many potential threats to our online existence, anything else would be wrong.

First, the bad news. There are increasing number of risks from being online. You have probably heard of viruses and malware, which are easily spread from computer to computer. Telephone scammers, these can be people trying to get you to hand over money or personal details. There are also email scammers trying to get you to hand over personal information through various types of threat and deception. Sometimes computers and smart devices pick up pieces of software that monitor your activities. Or they might use your computer to do their nefarious work for them. Then there are the websites that offer products and services you simply do not want to access and certainly do not want your children to see.

Social Media

Another big threat that many people don’t realise is social media. Things like Facebook and Twitter. The problem here is the deluge of adverts and offers that appear genuine but are just ways to gain access to more of your personal information. You’ve probably seen games, quizzes, IQ tests to name just a few. These innocuous looking things often hide more insidious intent. You may think you’re just doing a silly IQ test to pass the time. Or maybe quick a fun quiz, but the information you’re giving over can be very useful to marketing companies and scammers. They can also tell potential criminals a lot about you. This combined with other personal information already in the public domain can be very dangerous to your online identity.

Data Hacks

Computer security doesn’t just stop at the machine in your home, it may be the accounts you use to access services in the cloud. You may have heard of large companies that get hacked. TalkTalk for example, but many others have been the victim of large-scale hacks over the years. If you had an account with any of these companies, even if you no longer used it, your data may have been leaked. Combined with other data that you may have giver away on your social media account, this can give hackers information that might put your other accounts at risk.

We can help.

Finally the good news: we are experts on computer security, and are here to help. We constantly monitor current trends in computing and security to stay one step ahead of the scammers and criminals. So, whether you are running Windows on a PC or MacOS on an Apple computer, there are ways to protect against all of these threats. With a little time and attention we can help and advise you on how to protect yourselves, your family, and your valuable data from all threats. Sometimes it’s just a little bit of free advice and reassurance. We may need to have a closer look at your computer or smart device, to check it is clean and running well. Sometimes you may need to add some security software. Whatever your personal circumstances require we are here to help.

If you would like to put your mind at ease, then call us today for a no obligation chat. Or email us explaining exactly what it is you would like is to help with. We look forward to hearing from you.