We have many ways to help with data recovery should the worse happen.Data Recovery

If you need a data recovery service now then please get in touch by one of the methods at the bottom of this page.

Nobody wants to spend their valuable time planning for a disaster that may never happen. However we have seen many times where people have lost valuable files, reports, or priceless family photos. Computers do go wrong and there are many scammers out there looking to hide your files in order to extort money from you. But we can help protect you from these threats and problems.

If you are a business client we will help you plan and then protect your valuable company data. We can also audit and test these procedures to make sure they work if and when you need them. It is easy to put a backup in place, but has it been properly tested in the years since it was installed? At Wedmore iT we make sure you understand not only the need to put these measures in place, but to test them too.

There are many ways to back up your data, and we can advise on the best method to suit your particular needs and budgets.