Gaming and high performance PCs

We are experts on Microsoft Windows and PCs. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you design and build the most impressive high performance PCs and gaming rigs. Whether it’s selecting the whole unit, or matching the correct processor to the right motherboard. Or letting you know the best memory to get the most out of your system, we can help. If you have an existing machine that isn’t quite working as well as you hoped, we can determine where the bottleneck is and advise on how to fix it.

Graphics Cards

This is the probably the most important part of any gaming machine. It is also the most difficult to choose. There are two main supplier of graphics chips (Nvidia and AMD), but hundreds of suppliers of cards. And with prices ranging from around £50 to several thousand it is a decision you want to get right!

Off the shelf gaming PCs

Sometimes the most cost-effective way is for us to help you cost and select an off the shelf unit from one of our recommended suppliers. We take the hassle and the risk out of the often daunting selection process. We can also make sure you don’t spend more than you need to, to play the games or run the applications you want.

Bespoke Computers

You may want to build your own PC, or have us build one for you. Give us a budget and we will use our knowledge and contacts to get you the highest performance PC for your money.

VR and 3D PCs

These are exciting new areas in computing and we can help you select and get the most out of these technologies.