Our remote support and help services often mean we can assist you without the need of a callout. Meaning we can help you quickly and with minimal cost. Our technicians are ready to help. If you have already spoken to someone at Wedmore IT and they have asked you to click on the remote help link, click here now or on the Teamviewer icon below.

Remote support and help

Sensible Precautions with Remote Support.

You should always be extremely careful when getting help from people over the internet. Do you know the person? Have you done business with them before? Did you call them because of threatening or alarming messages or voices from your computer?

Never give away your personal information (bank and credit card information). For more detailed information about internet security and the way scammers may try to steal your information please click here. We at Wedmore IT are a professional consultancy if you use our expert support and technical help we will only take you name and address for billing purposes and invoice you for any work done. If you would like to read our privacy policy please click here. We want you to be happy with our service. We have working this way for over twenty years. It’s what keeps out clients coming back and also getting recommendations for friends colleagues to use our services too.