Our engineers are proficient with all Apple computers and smart devices. Which means we can determine and repair problems and viruses quickly and efficiently.

apple computers and devices

But aren’t Apple computers and devices more reliable than PCs?

Unfortunately it is a misnomer to think that Apple devices never get viruses and rarely go wrong. As these devices become ever more popular, problems with these system are on the rise. But not to worry, at Wedmore iT we can help with all software and hardware related issues.

With more people using a mixture of Apple and PC devices, being able to reliably connect the two systems is becoming more important. If you are having problems synchronising or sharing your files between your Apple computers and smart devices, we can help with that.

Increasingly out customers are wanting to share data between Apple and Microsoft systems. We can help with all areas of data integration and sharing. And we do this in a way which is safe, efficient, and cost effective.

Making sure your information is safe.

We can also consult and advise on the best ways to secure all your data. Apple Computers and Devices use the iCloud system, we can show you the best way to get the most out of this or provide other suitable backup facilities. We will secure your files in the best way possible.

Have you got an older Apple computer or IOS device? Maybe it’s starting to slow down or complain about running the latest software? Well don’t worry we can provide cost-effective ways to prolong the life and get the most out of your system.

If you are ready to upgrade or replace your old Apple computer system then we can help with that too. We can make sure all of your data and settings are transferred to the new system and that the process is as seamless as possible. If you need you old system wiped or disposed of we can do this and guarantee that none of your work is left on the system. We aim to give you peace of mind at ever step of the way.

Extending the life of your Apple Computers and Devices

Unfortunately Apple’s business ethos isn’t geared to longevity. Particularly Apple computers and devices often start to slow down and fail after five or six years. We understand that you may expect more when you’ve paid so much for device. We have many ways to help you get more from your machines and keep them working faster for longer.