Getting reliable broadband signals to every part of your home can a particularly difficult problem in Somerset. A lot of older houses here have particularly thick walls which effectively block any broadband or wireless signal. Read on for information on how we can provide networking and wireless solutions to help with this.

The Good News

networking and wireless

Broadband speeds (check yours here) have increased enormously in recent years, and although slow coming, these speeds are now available to almost every area in Somerset. Unfortunately getting that speed to every part of your home isn’t always straightforward.

Networking and wireless Solutions

There are many different ways to get your broadband to reach every part of your home. From Powerline systems, to wireless boosters, MESH networks and more. We are experts in finding the right solution for your particular needs and budget. So don’t waste time and potentially money trying things that might not work. Our Engineers carry all the latest equipment and can provide the best solutions at no risk to you. We can quickly do a site survey and install a device or system that allows single or multiple computers and people to access all of you broadband’s speed and bandwidth.