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We can help with all home computing and smart device problems. We can do this remotely or with a visit if that is what’s needed or that’s what you prefer. So give us a call or send an email for a friendly and prompt reply.


Whether you are using PCs, Apples, or smart devices, our home customers get the best help and support possible.

We believe our advice and experience is second to none. What does that mean? Well, it means we speak in plain English staying away from jargon. Which is important because it means you can make better, more informed decisions.

You may want to run a business from home, or maybe you just want the best help when setting up your home broadband. Or the latest advice to keep you and you family protected whilst online. Whatever your needs we are here to help. No job is too big or too small.

Our Background

We have been in business for over twenty years, and have industry experience going back much further. In that time we had to deal with every type of IT project and problem imaginable. We also know that when working in rural Somerset it isn’t always easy to find a good local computer expert. So when you call us we can help over the phone where possible or come to you and help if that’s what you prefer.

What we do

So, we can help you with the little things like connecting a printer or installing your new router. You may have a larger job in mind, like making sure your emails are synchronised across all your devices. Maybe you want a whole new system installed, with all your files and photos safely copied from your old computer. We can help with all that and more. Of course it may be more cost-effective to upgrade your current system, we have expertise to help with that as well.

If you have important files, pictures or other data we can recommend the best ways to ensure your files are safely backed-up. You may have a preference for files to be stored nearby. Or you may want to store them securely in the cloud. Whatever you prefer we provide solutions tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Networking and Wireless

Have you’ve noticed that your broadband isn’t as fast or reliable as it once was. Maybe you were promised a certain speed by your supplier (you can easily check your actual speed here). Maybe you live in older house? These often have thick stone walls which don’t allow wireless signals to reach all parts of your home. Sometimes this is as simple to fix as positioning your equipment in just the right place. Maybe the correct boosters for your particular home or home office will get you up and running. Whatever the answer we like to take the worry away and quickly resolve your problem giving you complete peace of mind.


The security of your devices and information is our top priority. We can advise on the best ways to protect yourself against all online threats. So if you have to look after a family we can help look at the threats and help you understand the dangers. Then we can protect you and your children from them. If you are concerned about social-media, we keep up-to-date with current trends, so we can put your mind at ease on where the dangers are, and just as importantly where they are not. Which gives you peace of mind and means we keep our home customers informed and safe.