We quickly identify and repair problems with all types of computers and smart devices.Provide computer help and support.

Whether this is Microsoft Windows PCs or Apple devices, we can help. Our engineers are experienced in Mac OS, iOS, Android tablets and all types of smartphones. At Wedmore iT, we can install and setup all types of peripherals. This could be wireless printers, cameras, Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices, or even home entertainment, smart TVs and VR systems. The staff here will make sure these devices effectively talk to each other and share data where necessary. If necessary we will make sure to restrict access if this is more appropriate.

There are many ways to help you make sure your valuable files, photos and other data are securely and safely backed up. So should the worse happen and your system or device fails, you have the peace of mind of knowing your data can easily be restored.

With the increasing number of scams out there we like to stay one step ahead of the scammers and criminals. There are many ways we can advise and recommend the best types of anti-virus, firewall and anti-malware software for your particular computer or smart device. The consultants at Wedmore iT will also let you know when these types of software will not benefit you. This will therefore save you money and keep your systems running at peak performance.

We have many ways to help identify and repair problems that will improve your broadband speeds. Our engineers can also help get the internet to reach every corner of your home or business premises. This may be by using better wired or wireless solutions, or by recommending better suppliers. Whatever the problem, we can recommend a solution that fits with your particular circumstances and budget.