For out home customers we can help and support you with all of your computing and smart device needs.

Our advice and help is second to none. We strive to speak in plain English and stay away from jargon, and to speak in terms you can understand. Which means you can make informed decisions.

We can help you with the little things like connecting a printer. Or with the bigger things, for example: to make sure your emails are synchronised across all your devices. Maybe you want a whole new system installed and all your files and photos safely copied from your old computer. We can help with that too.

If you have important files, pictures or other data we can recommend the best ways to ensure your files are securely and safely backed-up. You may have a preference for files to be stored nearby. Or you may want to store them safely in the cloud. Whatever you prefer we provide solutions tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

We can advise on the best ways to protect yourself against all online threats. So if you have to look after a family we can help look at the threats from being online and help you understand the dangers, and then protect yourself and your children from them. If you are concerned about social-media, we keep up to date here and can put your mind at ease on where there are and just as importantly where there are not any dangers. This means our home customers are informed and safe.