Printer Inks – It’s a Scam!

Anyone who has used a printer knows that the cost of printer ink is high, but did you know it’s a scam?

Measured by weight, printer ink is the fourth most expensive commodity on the planet! Fortunately we don’t need a lot to print a page, but printer companies make sure we pay the highest price possible for the little we do use.

They have a number of ways to do this. One way is to force us to buy from themselves or else they void the warranty! Imagine if a car manufacturer forced you to buy petrol from them or they wouldn’t repair it, they’d be uproar!

Another method they use is to electronically tag the ink cartridges them selves. You know when you get that low ink warning? And if you ignore it, then it stops printing altogether! There is often plenty of ink left, they are just forcing you to buy more. Again with the car analogy, it’s like if you still had a quarter of a tank of fuel, but you couldn’t go anywhere until you topped up!

If you would like a more detailed insight into the printer ink scam, checkout this video.

So what can you do? Well it’s an uphill battle, but at Wemore iT can show you ways to avoid some of these pitfalls. And if you are thinking of buying a new printer, call us first. We can advise on the best makes and models to get the most out your ink.